Nov. 29th, 2004

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It's been beyond stress today at work and I've an hour and a half more to go. My mind, in a desperate attempt to keep me from jumping across the counter and strangling someone with her own eyeglasses (yes, it has been that bad!) wandered over into the fanfic territory. This area is weird. Comforting to me, but weird.

At any give time I have vampires, talking cars, angels (both light and dark) angsty bishies, scary deities (Maahes and Suzaku currently, and Himself when he's being a pompous Lord of All Vampires, oh, and Death), rude snorting unicorns, erudite story-telling dragons, the Vamily and other assorted personages wandering about. Once in a while they fight. (Don't ask!)

Well, cooking in the VERY scary back of this part of my mind is a bad!fic on purpose. It's like the monster festering deep in the lagoon. I know it's there. I know it will rise. And I know nothing will be the same after it does.

Once in a while I get a glimpse of what this beastie is like, almost as if I catch a glimpse of a coil of a fast retreating serpent. Details are starting to emerge, and they are scary. Very funny, but utterly frightening.

D will be in the b!fop. So will Yami. There will be extra Millennium items. There will be an army of Mary Sues. Yes, be scared -- be very, very scared.

Oh, the sprain?

Pinky and the Brain. Yes, Pinky and the Brain will be in this abomination. Maybe I should have Pinky spout some Vogon poetry and see how many brain cells I can pop at once.

Waaaaaah!! I need a hug! :(


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